“There is no doubt that so many startups fall at the market fit hurdle. — Not only do they get it wrong, but they keep making the same mistakes…”

“AI allows processing of big data, whereas Blockchain offers security, immutability & decentralised data storage. The combo of these two tech giants makes smart contracts smarter, as they play their role in the 4th industrial revolution”

“As the amount of user-generated content that platform users upload, continues to accelerate, it’s become impossible to identify & remove harmful content using traditional human-led moderation approaches at the speed & scale necessary”

AI is on every Venture Capital’s mind. It stokes the fire of financial expectations — yet, as powerful as seems, major limitations are impeding its true ability

As the pace of AI continues unabated with worldwide rapid adoption, governments around the world are moving quickly to ensure that existing laws, regulations & legal constructs, are relevant to technological change, & that they can deal with AI’s new challenges

“We need to be super careful with AI — it’s potentially more dangerous than nukes”


Marcin Borecki

Partner / Tech Guru in Experior Venture Fund. Helps entrepreneurs build companies. Microsoft Regional Director.

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